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Korma / Tikka

Korma / Tikka

Our product is refined with freshly roasted spices which are ground on site, the flavour and aroma is second to none and what you would expect from a Indian restaurant. We have done the hard bit so make the rest easy for you. Take chicken breast and cut into the required size, wrap this in foil and cook at 180c for 45-50 mins until fully cooked through. Once you take this from the oven ensure all the liquid from the chicken is drained, adding this to the sauce will dilute the flavours so this is a critical stage. Add the cooked chicken to a saucepan and top up with sauce to your required meat / sauce ration. Heat gently.

Meantime take some dried or microwavable rice and cook as per instructions until the rise is nice and soft. Plate the rice and add the sauce in the centre, presentation is important to finish off the dish. A quick simply process with mouth watering results. Cook off Naan bread as required for the finishing touch

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